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From Dust to Life Jacqueline Mitton book

John Chambers (Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington) and Jacqueline Mitton (Cambridge) describe the birth and evolution of our solar system, a tantalizing mystery that may one day provide answers to the quest for human origins. This book tells the remarkable story of how the solar system came into existence 4.6 billion years ago. with this book, discover how scientists and philosophers have sought to uncover this mystery down through the centuries, by piecing together elusive clues that enabled them to deduce the solar system’s layout, its age, and the most likely way it formed. From Dust to Life is a must read for anyone who wants to know more about how the solar system came to be the way it is. Available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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Taking the Back off the Watch Thomas Gold autobiography edited by Simon Mitton book

The autobiography of Tommy Gold edited by Simon Mitton. Tommy was one of the most remarkable astronomers of the 20th century. More about this book .

Paperback issue of Fred Hoyle a Life in Science, by Simon Mitton (Cambridge University Press) is available for order now

Jacqueline MittonJacqueline Mitton is author, co-author or editor of over 20 books and has acted as consultant for numerous others. She has specialized in writing for children, dictionaries and reference books, and collaborating with busy researchers on astronomy books for non-specialists. She has a degree in Physics from Oxford University and a Cambridge University PhD. For 15 years she was the press spokesperson for the Royal Astronomical Society. During that time she wrote hundreds of press notices about astronomical research and made scores of appearances in the media. For seven years she edited the Journal of the British Astronomical Association. See Jacqueline Mitton's books.

Simon MittonSimon Mitton has a degree in Physics from Oxford University and a Cambridge PhD. He began writing about science for magazines when he was an undergraduate. His magazine work led on to his writing three popular astronomy books, published by Faber and Faber. He also conceived and edited the ground-breaking Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy. He then pursued a successful career as a science publisher for many years and gained a reputation as an able and entertaining communicator. He now writes books and articles on modern astronomy and physics, and on the history of astronomy, including biography.

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