My Publications 1968 - 2015

Here is an up-to-date list of all my academic publications, together with links

For adults

Exploring the Galaxies  (Faber, 1976)

Structure and Evolution of Close Binary Systems - IAU Symposium  (Kluwer Academic, 1976; co-editors John Whelan and Peter Eggleton)

The Crab Nebula  (Faber, 1979)

Daytime Star  (Faber, 1981)

Star Atlas  (Jonathan Cape, 1979, with Jacqueline Mitton)

Active Galactic Nuclei,   (Cambridge U P, 1979; co-editor Cyril Hazard; Cambridge Astrophysics Series)

The London Planetarium  (London 1980; co-authors John Ebdon and Kenneth Griffiths)

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, editor Simon Mitton  (Cape, 1984)

Invitation to Astronomy  (Basil Blackwell, 1986, with Jacqueline Mitton)

Cambridge Scientific Minds  (Cambridge, 2002, with Peter Harman)

Fred Hoyle: A life in science  (Aurum Press London, 2005)

Conflict in the Cosmos: Fred Hoyle's Life in science  (Joseph Henry Press Washington DC, 2005)

For children and younger readers

Discovering Astronomy  (Longman, 1979; co-author Jacqueline Mitton)

Oxford Astronomy (1st published as The Young Oxford Book of Astronomy)  (Oxford University Press, 1994; co-author Jacqueline Mitton)

Marshall Children's Guide to Astronomy/Scholastic Encyclopedia of Space (Marshall Edition in UK and Scholastic in USA, 1998; co-author Jacqueline Mitton; for children). Shortlisted for Rhone-Poulenc Junior science book prize, 1999.