My Publications 1968 - 2020

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History of Astronomy

Jacqueline Mitton and Simon Mitton, Vera Rubin, a Life, Harvard University Press 2021.

Simon Mitton, From Crust to Core, a Chronicle of Deep Carbon Science, Cambridge University Press 2021.

Rodney Holder and Simon Mitton (editors), Georges LemaƮtre: Life, Science and Legacy, Springer 2013.

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Simon Mitton, Taking the Back off the Watch, Thomas Gold Personal Memoir, Springer 2012.

Simon Mitton, Fred Hoyle: a Life in Science, Cambridge University Press 2011.

Simon Mitton, Conflict in the Cosmos: Fred Hoyle's Life in Science, Joseph Henry Press, Washington DC 2005.

Popular Astronomy

Simon Mitton, Daytime Star, Faber 1981.

Simon Mitton, The Crab Nebula, Faber 1979.

Simon Mitton, Exploring the Galaxies, Faber 1976.


Simon Mitton and Peter Harman, (editors), Cambridge Scientific Minds, Cambridge University Press 2002.

Simon Mitton, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy (editor), Jonathan Cape 1977.

Symposium Proceedings Astrophysics

Simon Mitton and Cyril Hazard, (editors). Active Galactic Nuclei, Cambridge University Press 1979.

Peter Eggleton, Simon Mitton and John Whelan, (editors). Structure and Evolution of Close Binary Systems, Kluwer 1976