• We are experienced at communicating with the public over a wide range of levels and age-groups, through both written and spoken material. We have research experience and sound, in-depth knowledge of astronomy and modern physics.
  • We can create materials for you or act as editor/consultant on material  produced by others.
  • We can collaborate with scientists who want to work with an experienced author.
  • We can edit multi-author books.

Children's books

Our published books include illustrated imaginative books for younger children (5 – 9), educational biography and reading books, and information books. We take commissions for books to fit in series.

Science books for college-educated adults

Our published books and work in progress are on a variety of topics in modern astronomy, planetary science and the history of astronomy, including biography.

Editorial consultancy services for publishers of books for children and reference books

Jacqueline Mitton has acted as the consultant for numerous books on topics in astronomy and space, working for publishers such as Dorling Kindersley and Quarto Children's Books

Book reviews and feature articles for newspapers and magazines

We write magazine articles and reviews of new books on astronomical and related topics.


We accept commissions from print and internet publishers for informative interview with scientists who are in the public eye or have made a significant discovery. Interviews can be provided as  a text file or podcast. In both cases, the material will be carefully edited so that it makes sense to the reader or the listener.

Talks, lectures and courses

We occasionally give talks to local societies, clubs, and U3A