The links below highlight recent press and media coverage for our biography of the acclaimed astronomer Vera Rubin

Jacqueline Mitton Simon Mitton March 2020

Harvard University Press catalog entry page for Vera Rubin A life view here

Harvard University Press Q&A feature about author Jacqueline Mitton view here

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly

view here

"... brims with insight into Rubin’s commitment to getting more women into astronomy and her deep fascination with the mysteries of the universe."

Reviewed in Science 17 February 2021, by Joanna Behrman of the Center for the History of Physics, American Institute of Physics, College Park, Maryland view here

News feature in Smithsonian Magazine VIP Newsletter, by Kathleen Burke, Senior Editor view here

Podcast on The New Books Network, hosted by Mark Klobas: an interview with Jacqueline Mitton and Simon Mitton view here

Transcript of an interview with author Jacqueline Mitton for the Ex Libris Universum blog (Corinne Mona), American Institute of Physics, Niels Bohr Library and Archives. Jacqueline recounts the enriching experience of working with the materials of the Niels Bohr Library and Archives for this biography of Vera Rubin. view here

Jacqueline Mitton's webinar on "Vera Rubin: the life and legacy of a remarkable astronomer", presented on February 10, 2021 for the British Astronomical Association. view on Youtube: runtime is one hour